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Discover how you can quickly and easily overcome a complex lifestyle.

Proven results with a guarantee for a positive attitude and to restore your confidence.   First, Choose to Stop Blaming Others.  Second, Choose to Stop Holding Others Hostage to No Forgiveness.  Third, Choose to Stop Verbal and Physical Fighting.   Anger does not solve disputes. Relieve stress by mere adjustments in your attitude and workload.

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Sickle Cell Anemia Challenges: Courage To Face Adversity

Describes an on the road account of what life was really like as a mother, caregiver and mentor for two of our children born with sickle cell anemia.It also shares valuable lessons on living a balance lifestyle that includes wisdom. We cannot be balanced at all times, but the book will give you an outlook on character for those who walk in wisdom and those who are not. Love is not love until first it has been given away, and then it can be multiplied back to you. This is accomplished only through obedience. They became educated students with wisdom.

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